Stay perky! The top 5 perks of working from home

Let’s be honest: working from home does come with a set of unique perks. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are a person that can do without everyday social interaction, then chances are that you would adore working from home.

Here are some of our top reasons why you would love working from home.

Doing small household chores during your tea breaks

You will be able to unpack the dishwasher, load the washer and dryer, tidy up the lounge, water the garden and take care of all sorts of daily household chores, in between working. This will leave you more time over the weekend to relax.

Being available as a parent-taxi or if your child is ill

Working from home means more time with your family/kids, because you can drive them to school, and to sports activities and other events. You can have lunch with them every day. However, it is important to manage this, as you still need to get all your work done. Have clearly demarcated times for when you will drive them to activities and avoid becoming an on-demand taxi. They would not have this luxury if you had to go to an office every day, so they cannot dictate your schedule when you are working from home.

Having your pets by your side ALL day

If you love your pets as much as we do, this is a really big one. However, it is important to train your animals not to sit on you, your desk, or your computer (easier said than done, though).

Wearing comfortable clothes

Now you can wear whatever you like to work. In winter, you can work under a comfy blanket, or in a warm tracksuit with your slippers on, and in summer you can work in your swimsuit if you really want to, if that’s what it takes to help you tolerate the heat.

Turning your music up as loud as you like while working

Music can help some people concentrate, or make their work more enjoyable. You can listen to whatever you like, as loud as you want (bearing in mind the neighbours, of course), while working. If singing is your thing, let it rip.

With all these perks, it’s no surprise that more and more people and companies are switching to a virtual work space. Home is where the heart is… so why not make your job one you love?

Stay perky! The top 5 perks of working from home
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