3 Workaholic tendencies to avoid

If you work from home, it is likely that you are very disciplined and able to focus for hours on end.  Although working from home is a dream come true, there is a fine line to be drawn to ensure that you aren’t overdoing it.

Your physical and mental health will suffer and could turn your love for work into an overwhelming workload if you aren’t careful. The best way to reduce stress is to find your working-from-home balance from the get-go.

We’ve listed some of the workaholic tendencies you need to be aware of:

How regularly do you leave your desk?


It’s one thing to be working hard but quite another if you haven’t left your desk for three hours straight. You might feel capable of doing it, but the fact is, your back and shoulders are feeling the strain, and they will get you for it. Leave your desk at least every hour – go make coffee, water your plants, pack away some dishes. Your body is craving movement.

Are you having lunch away from your desk?

Eating at your desk is bad for you and your work. Despite the risk of having breadcrumbs and sticky substances defiling your keyboard, you could, without noticing, be gaining weight due to the amount of snacking and lack of movement you incorporate into your work day.

Are you keeping to your work hours?


The body and mind both thrive on routine. And whether you like hearing it or not – you do need to switch off and take a break. A good night’s sleep enhances mental acuity and the creative process. Sleep is also the best way to heal from any overbearing stress and anxiety you might have experienced during your work day.

According to the experts, being a workaholic isn’t simply defined by working long hours. The true problem lies with the inability to switch off your work thoughts.

If this sounds like you, it might be best to consult a medical professional for advice on how to deal with the problem. Don’t allow your appetite for work to become destructive. Keep the passion alive by setting the right boundaries.

3 Workaholic tendencies to avoid
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