Here’s how the clock ticks in a virtual office (working hours)

Almost everything we do can be measured by time – we get up for work, we hit the traffic, we have our morning coffee and our meetings all according to the ticking of the clock. Many people believe that the way to produce better results for your company is by clocking more hours.

The obvious example is the corporate professional stuck in a nine-to-five routine. But all that is about to change… because in a virtual office environment, your results are judged on the product/service you deliver and not how much time spend sitting at your desk.


The clock ticks differently in a virtual office, and if you can adapt to a virtual office work schedule, you might never want to go back.


Here’s what’s different:

1. Start your day at any time you want

Even though this might sound like the dream start to any day, remember that with more flexibility comes more responsibility. You probably want to get at least six hours of proper work done during your day. Sleeping in and not taking proper control of your day can cost you. Try to organise your day into three sessions.


2. Clock your hours as you please – morning, noon, or night


Check your emails, prioritise your daily tasks, set aside the time to pay attention to the most important project on your desk that day.



Take a break after your morning session. Run some errands and take lunch. After lunch come back and check your emails again. Depending on how far you got with that important project – either finish or start planning your work strategy for the next one.


Late afternoon:

Take a 10-minute break. Afterwards come back and wrap up your day’s emails. Respond to all the requests and questions sent and start planning your priorities for the next day.


For the night owls:

You can rearrange the sessions above the way it suits you. Bear in mind that the people you work with and who might need to provide input are likely all on a day routine and your questions/requests will have to wait until morning.

3. Meetings – anytime, anywhere, anyone

By far the biggest thrill of working in a virtual office, is the capability to meet when you please. You no longer have to Google maps to your meeting destination or leave hours before the meeting time to avoid traffic. In virtual office, all you need is a Skype name and you are set.


4. Simply switch off when done

Your day has come to an end. You are tired, and the last thing you want to do is spend another hour in traffic back home. Well, there’s good news! In a virtual office you can simply greet your team, log out, and switch off your PC. In three easy steps – you are done with the day’s work and free to INSTANTLY carry on with your life.

A virtual office offers you freedom and flexibility but most importantly – more time spent with family. Embrace it, and be grateful for the precious time you’ve gained from saying goodbye to your nine-to-five routine!

Here’s how the clock ticks in a virtual office (working hours)
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